Install linux software packages without Internet on ubuntu 14.10/14.04

We often face a situation to install software packages on a ubuntu box without internet connection. In ubuntu while installing packages it needs many dependencies to run that software smoothly. apt-get command helps us to install all dependencies for particular packages. Here our main idea to install package is to get all the URL of dependency packages, then downloading those packages with Internet connected system. Then we simply install those downloaded packages on our offline ubuntu system.

Linux software installation on Offline ubuntu

Steps to follow:
  • Select the package you want to install. Suppose here I want to install git.
  • On offline ubuntu box, Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and Run the below command
    sudo apt-get install --yes --print-uris git | grep "^'http"| cut -d "'" -f2 > urllist.txt
  • After running above command you will get a file urllist.txt with list of urls to download packages.
  • Download all the packages using all the urls specified in a text file with internet connected system. If you want to download them in one go using wget then command will be
    wget -i urllist.txt
  • Place all downloaded packages in a folder. copy that folder on desktop in your offline ubuntu box.
  • Now open terminal then run
    cd Desktop
    cd foldername # change 'foldername' with your folder name.
    sudo dpkg -i *
That's it. You successfully installed package on your ubuntu without internet connection. If you face any improvement, problems regarding this please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
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