How to use firefox developer version along with standard version on Ubuntu 14.10/14.04

Today I wanted to try out firefox 37 developer edition. Since it is a developer version it may have some bugs, so I decided to keep my standard version and checkout new mozilla firefox developer edition. Our main idea is to place the firefox developer edition in /opt directory create a symbolic link in /usr/bin directory pointing to new firefox executable.

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Here is the way to use both versions of mozilla firefox at a same time.
  1. Download mozilla developer edition from
  2. Extract the tar file and move that file to opt directory by changing a name.(By default when you extracted the tar file you will get firefox as a default folder name).
  3. create a symbolic link in /usr/bin (or any directory in 'path' environment variable) pointing to your new firefox dev folder.
For instance I downloaded a developer edition from the mozilla (version 37) website and placed in the Desktop. Then I use below commands to setup new developer version.


#To extract a firefox tar file
tar -xf firefox-37*.tar.bz2

#Move firefox folder to /opt by changing name to devfirefox
sudo mv firefox /opt/devfirefox

#Creating symbolic link in /usr/bin pointing to firefox executable in devfirefox folder
sudo ln -s /opt/devfirefox/firefox /usr/bin/devfirefox

#To launch firefox just type devfirefox

So, that's it. I just have to type "devfirefox" to checkout new developer edition and I can use standard edition by default.

Any hugs or bugs please comment below. Thanks for reading.

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