Install xampp web server for Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/12.04/10.04

All of you well aware of xampp server which is free web server containing MySql,PHP and perl for linux. You need install xampp server by using some commands. Here I am providing a script that automates xampp server installation securely.


Now you can download installer directly from official link
Then just change permissions of installer using chmod 755 xampp-linux-* run the installer using sudo ./xampp-linux-*
For older version follow below Instructions.

Steps to follow

  1. Download xampp server and shell script

  2. Here I am providing xampp server and shell script files. You can download it from below links.
     Download Xampp        Download Shell script 
    You can also copy the script from below.
    sudo cp xampp-linux-*.tar.gz /opt
    cd /opt/
    sudo tar -xf xampp-linux-*.tar.gz
    sudo rm xampp-linux-*.tar.gz
    cd lampp/
    sudo ./lampp start
    sudo ./lampp security
  1. Place both files under same directory

  2. After download place both downloaded files under same directory.
  3. Set execute permission to shell script file

  4. Set execute permission to shell script file. You can set execute permission by running
    chmod +x
    Or else you can set via User interface.
  5. Run the shell file

  6. You can run the shell script by using ./ Then it will do all the work for you. Then it will ask for root password.After that it will prompt you to set passwords for xampp server. That's it. You successfully installed XAMPP server on your linux box.
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