Install/Update mozilla firefox browser on Linux/Ubuntu 14.10/14.04 in easyway

If you've been looking for update mozilla firefox in your Ubuntu or any Linux derived systems then your at the right place to go. You just have to follow fewer steps to update ff(FireFox) in your Linux box. There are many ways to update your browser. But here I am providing easy way to update firefox without removing old mozilla.

Step 1: Download firefox

You can download firefox from their official website.Firefox Download link. Move the downloaded firefox file to Desktop. Small changes in commands are needed if you want to place it anywhere you like. I recommend just place it on Desktop and use below commands as it is.

Step 2: Open Terminal and execute below commands

You can open terminal by using Ctrl+Alt+T and follow these commands.

cd Desktop
sudo mv firefox*.* /opt
cd /opt
sudo tar -xvf firefox*.*
If you installing new firefox then skip step 3.

Step 3: Finding mozilla firefox executable path

Now you have to check for location of current mozilla executable.For that
which firefox
then you will get executable path like /usr/bin/firefox. Just copy that path. Here I am assuming my firefox path is /usr/bin/firefox. Next execute below command
sudo rm /usr/bin/firefox

Step 4: Create softlink for firefox in executable path

Next we create one softlink that points to our new firefox executable.
ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox
Thats it. Open firefox now. You can open firefox from commandline itself by using firefox. You will see updated mozilla firefox. Happy secure browsing. :)
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