How to bypass proxy server in ubuntu or Windows 7/8/10

Are you using proxy enabled network? Want to bypass a proxy server to access blocked websites? In this post I am providing powerfull tips to bypass proxy server. Let's first understand what is proxy server and how it blocks the request? Proxy servers act as middile layer between users and web servers, inorder to monitor web usage for the user. I don't want go into details of proxy server, But if you think about how proxy server knows which websites to block/allow? Proxy servers use blacklisting,whitelisting or both to identify which websites to allow/block.
Blacklisting means it blocks definite list of websites only. Whitelisting means it allows only specific list of websites. We can easily bypass proxy servers that are using blacklisting. It's hard to bypass proxy servers that are using white-listing. First find out whether your proxy server is using blacklisting or white-listing?(I think you already got the answer by definition itself).

To bypass blacklisting proxy all methods mentioned below will work. For white-listing proxy server method 1,4,5 will work.

  1. Using Tor network
  2. This is one stop solution to bypass proxy that works in all scenarios. It also provides anounymous browsing. You can download Tor browser from and then run it. It takes some time to connect tor network after that you will get a browser. You can browse anything through tor network. It provides privacy to your browsing.

  3. Using IP address
  4. Step 1:Find out IP address of a blocked website.
    You can find IP adderess of a website by using nslookup command.
    This command enquires name servers and reveals IP address of the specified website(Here
    nslookup example
    Step 2:Enter the IP adderess in browser to access that website.
    accessing website using IP

  5. Using Proxy Websites
  6. There are many proxy websites available online. You can access blocked websites using this proxy websites. You can find list of proxy websites here. In all proxy websites you will find text entry for the url you want to access.

  7. Using Google
  8. If google is accessible to you then you can turn google to bypass proxy.
    1. You can use google translate as a proxy. For instance if you want to access '' you can use below link. Here "sl" stands for source language and "tl" stands for target language. I set 'sl' as 'hi' (means hindi) and 'tl' as 'en'(means english).
    2. You can use google mobilizer as a proxy. For instance if you want to access '' you can use below address. You can also use country specific google domains in place of This method only displays text data of specific url. It can't run css,javascript in it.
    3. You can use Google module as a proxy. But it only helpfull to download a files. For instance if want to download a specific file from url "" then,
    4. You can also use Google cache to access blocked websites.

  9. By using SSH tunnel
  10. You can bypass proxy by creating SSH tunnel.You can find complete tutorial dedicated on Creating SSH tunnel in Ubuntu.
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