Tips to remove malware manually in Windows 7/8/10

Several of the computer systems are being affected by viruses, trojans, spyware, adware etc., As the user base of the windows operating system is huge, most of the attacks are targeted for that platform. Recently the attacker are concentrating on platform independent softwares like adobe flash, java run time. In order to defend yourself from these attacks you should follow few tips while browsing internet, using external storage devices, connecting to other devices in the network.


  • Use a good antivirus. Normally windows 8, 8.1 already come bundled with windows defender. That's a sufficient one. But update it every month at least. After installing a good updated antivirus scan the whole C:// drive.
  • Use a usb device scanner that will fix hidden files, folders, autostart viruses etc.,
  • Use a cleaner to keep your computer fresh. I recommend CCleaner. It's free version is enough to remove all system logs, temporary files, fix registry issues etc.,
  • Avoid downloading files from sites that have bad reputation. If you are using Avast! antivirus it will add a browser addon that will show how secure the website is.
  • Always keep an eye on the URL bar. Check the domain address you are visiting.
  • Don't give your personal email address at other sites. It's always safe to use a secondary email address to deal with these sites.
  • Type Win+R, you'll get a prompt. Type msconfig and press enter. You'll get a list of services that start along with windows during your system startup. Check "hide all microsoft services" and check each and every entry and their paths. If you get any doubt about the name or the path (if the path starts with C://user/) then you should doubt about it. Simply uncheck the entry to stop it from starting.
  • If you think you are infected with javascript files (ends with .js) launch the task manager from the menu (type task manager in search box) check for wscript.exe and end the process by right clicking on it.
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