Is Microsoft following IBM?

Rewind to 1994. IBM was in its path to death. It was about to be divided into several small pieces. The computer giant was striving hard to gain in the market that was dominated by PCs. Microsoft and Intel dominated the market. IBM couldn't keep up with the growth. It failed to capitalize on the PC market. It   completely focused on mainframe business. The new CEO Lou Gerstner took position and successfully  kept it away from destruction.

Well, it was rumoured that Bill Gates said that IBM will fold in 7 years. The main reason was that IBM couldn't recognize the new sprouting PC market. It couldn't think away from its traditional business. We should notice that IBM has chosen MS-DOS as its operating system. It has chosen the Intel 8081 as  the microprocessor for its PCs. It gave life to Intel with that decision.

Now the history is about to repeat. After 20 years, now in 2014 Microsoft is heading the same path. Now it has changed its CEO. It has lost its market share to Android. It has to think away from its traditional business of licensing software at high costs. Though it would hurt revenues, its what they are left with when their survival is in question. Now the market is saturated, its really doubting whether this strategy will work or not.

Will Satya Nadella become Lou Gerstner of Microsoft? Wait and see.
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